This machine is utilized in the packaging industry to take flat carton blanks and glue the side seam, preparing them for the cartoner: 

  • The carton flat is placed in a vertical or horizontal magazine

  • The carton is fed between forming rails to set the side fold and form the carton rectangle

  • The construction seam is glued

  • Hot melt units can be supplied to meet your plant preference

  • The construction seam is held in compression to assure that a full side seam is manufactured

  • Carton Speed - up to 500 cartons per minute

  • Carton Size - wide range of adjustment, window size as small as 4" x 4" to 20" x 20" with custom size ranges availabile

  • Tubular carbon steel construction

  • Fully guarded with 3/8 Lexan interlocked doors or Light Screen

  • Allen Bradley Touch SLC Controls with touch screen

  • It can be mated up with an existing in-feed system or an F.N. Smith in-feed

  • ROI on this machine has been achieved in as little as 6 months when compared to buying pre-glued cartons

Side seam gluing your carton right on your own packaging line has many advantages. Here’s what we hear from our many multinational packaging companies:

  • “Fresh Cartons” that have not been sitting for months stacked in a warehouse, reduce jams at the cartoner improving line up time

  • Three times as many unfolded cartons can sit in the same space as pre-glued cartons, reducing carton storage and trucking costs

  • Corrugated Cardboard is significantly reduced by eliminating special pre-glued packaging

  • Actual carton procurement costs are reduced by as much as 3.5 cents per carton

These factors contribute to a typical project payback of 6 – 12 months depending on your production rates. 

Typical installation takes one to two days, with the F.N. Smith technical service team. Your staff will be trained by FNSC technicians that know the machine, they have built it and know what kinds of questions your people will have.