Custom Machining and Fabrication Solutions

One-on-One Engineering to ensure
your end product is flawless

Proprietary manufacturing techniques and continued engineering analysis that continually contribute
to product enhancements that extend product lifecycles while reducing customer downtime.
  • Quick response to down machine or line
  • Reverse Engineering if drawings or prints are unavailable
  • Test new design concepts to improve tool life
FN Smith offers a wide variety of custom machining solutions including stainless steel, tight tolerances, and one-off designs.

Advantages of Solutions

  • Proper training
  • Less down time for changeover
  • Less down time for maintenance
  • Shorter lead times for repair parts
  • Engineering resources available

Our solutions ensure:

  • User friendly design
  • Faster changeovers
  • Easier maintenance
  • Field install with operator and mechanic training
  • Component redesigns based on F.N. Smith proven technologies
  • Drawing generation
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Available Features

  • Extrusion dies
  • Cutters
  • Crimpers
  • Die Holders
  • Manifolds
  • Part replacements

Industries Served

  • Food and Beverage
  • Pet Food
  • Agriculture
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Consumer Goods

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Oat processing equipment requires a delicate balance of machinery and settings. If either component isn’t correctly optimized to the process at hand, you’ll encounter products that are uneven and partially processed resulting in sub-par quality. Our equipment ensures consistent quality, uniform processing, and high-quality products every time.

We understand that oat processing equipment isn’t one-size-fits-all machinery. That’s why we work closely with each client to provide machinery that fits their process. Each section of machinery is critical to the whole process from the grain huller to the kiln and roller mill, and high-performance efficiency is key to what makes our oat processing equipment so valuable. 

The right equipment is key to a safe, efficient milling process. From the cleaning stage to removing the hull, the proper equipment is essential in creating a product that is precisely what you want in uniformity, texture, and purity. With our grain huller solutions, the husk from the kernel is removed in one quick step, exposing the grain inside before it gets sent down the line for separation, sorting, and processing through the kiln. 

Our processing equipment is designed for a long life of use with low wear and tear and easy access to wear areas for routine maintenance. We design each step of the process to result in minimal downtime, a long life of use, and excellent precision so you’ll produce premium quality products without fail. 

At F. N. Smith Corporation, we are driven to provide machinery that offers you increased uptime resulting in maximum production and output, higher product yields for a greater return on investment, and floor space optimization so you can get the most out of your operations. With options like robotic integration, HMI function control, and the ability to create machines that fit into your existing product line configurations, you might wonder why you didn’t contact us sooner.

Machines are the lifeblood of your shop or factory. When they go down, no time can be wasted in getting the machine rebuilt and back online. The longer a machine is out of operation, the greater disruption to your manufacturing process. This is why we provide machine rebuilding services. 

Our engineers can handle on-site emergency rebuild and repair needs or can dismantle a machine entirely and bring it back to our shop for significant rebuild work. We specialize in a wide variety of machines from roll and mill manufacturing to custom packaging and machine design. Our in-depth familiarity with these types of machines makes our engineers capable of handling any type of machine rebuilding services you might require. 

Would you rather contract out machined parts? Instead of purchasing machines and bringing them into your shop, we can provide you with contract machining. We can deliver high-volume machined parts right to your door when you need them most. Build up your customer base while keeping your expenses low by having our shop produce parts for you. This process gives you time to build your client list while expanding production before you commit to expanding your shop floor and investing in machinery.

We have state-of-the-art machines to run ISO-certified parts in the quantity and timeline you need on a budget that works for your goals. Whether you need stock parts or finishing processes, at F. N. Smith, we can do it all. We take the needs of our clients seriously and strive to be a value-added company you won’t want to live without. Our contract machining services might be just what you need to take your company to the next level and expand operations while keeping your budget in line. We serve a wide variety of industries and our extensive range of expertise will ensure we can meet your machining needs.