Roll & Mill Manufacturing

One-on-one engineering to develop long roll life, minimized downtime, and optimal efficiencies.

Proprietary manufacturing techniques and continued engineering analysis that continually contribute to product enhancements that extend product lifecycles while reducing customer downtime.
  • Over 30 years of roll
    production experience
  • Site visits for roll process analysis and
    metallurgic testing
  • Address short roll life concerns through
    process and roll improvements
  • Newer high-wear tool steels
  • Roll redesigns based on F.N. Smith
    proven technologies

Our solutions ensure:

  • Increased roll life
  • Reduced roll failures due to
    cracked shell
  • Reduced roll failures due to
    cracked shafts
  • Reduced production downtime
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Available Features

  • Four start helical water jackets
  • No-bolt seals
  • Emerging material technologies for longer shell life
    1. Less regrind needed
    2. Less chipping
    3. Less cracking
    4. Less maintenance
  • Grooving
  • Expanded grinding capacity
  • Parabolic crowning
    70° cosine crown
    Ceramic seal diameters

Industries Served

  • Food and Beverage
  • Pet Food

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In the roll manufacturing realm, obtaining high-quality precision processing rolls is key to the performance, efficiency, and quality of your food-grade product. Roll grinding is used to process numerous types of foods. If your processing rolls aren’t high precision, you may be finding that you’re losing valuable time and money in unused product because your rolls aren’t producing the results you need. These are the types of problems we address.

As a forming rolls manufacturer, our engineering process focuses on creating solutions that provide long roll life, increased uptime, and optimal efficiency when processing your product. Each of our designs is based on proven and proprietary technology developed over our 30 years of roll production experience. 

Whether you’re looking for solutions for more efficient flaking mill rolls, cooling rolls, grinding rolls, or corrugating rolls, our solutions ensure maximized efficiency, longer life, reduced roll failures, and reduced downtime.

There are numerous features we can provide to help maximize your processing time including no-bolt seals, grooving, and expanded grinding capacity. We also apply the latest material technologies to ensure a longer shell life. The longer the shell life, the less maintenance is needed. Less cracking, chipping, and regrinding means more uptime for your process and, ultimately, a higher output for your product. Our solutions are all about getting you the most out of your process resulting in a greater amount of food, beverages, or pet food produced in your factory.

When you’re in the food, beverage, or pet food industry, quality is just as important as quantity. That’s why we focus on both when creating solutions for your processing needs. Our processing rolls ensure you get the most out of your raw ingredients to create the finest quality product possible. Excellent products and efficient production are what you get when utilizing our machinery solutions for your production runs.