Corrugating Rolls

Forming Rolls (Extrusion Roll)

F.N. Smith Corporation is a major supplier of specialized extrusion, forming, flaking, and cracking rolls to many industries. Our rolls are manufactured to produce food products, fertilizer spikes, steels and paper related items. Our rolls are manufactured from tool steels, special alloys, and centrifugally cast iron and steel.

Roll Manufacturing Realm

CNC Machining

F.N. Smith Corporation can supply rolls with formed pockets produced on CNC equipment to roll form your product.

Processing Rolls

Roll Corrugating

F.N. Smith Corporation has also developed proprietary processes to grind the toughest tool steels with CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride). These processes allow us to corrugate roll materials that other companies cannot. In addition, our proprietary CBN process make our roll corrugating very cost competitive.

Roll Grinding


Because of the proprietary nature of many of the rolls that we build, we cannot share pictures of these items with you, but feel free to call, or e-mail us to discuss your specific requirements. F.N. Smith Corporation will find a way to meet, or exceed your expectations.