Parts and Services

Stock Inventory 

In the special machinery business, often it is necessary to maintain an inventory of special parts to keep high
production, dedicated equipment fully operational. We can and do maintain an extensive parts inventory
for most of our customers. These are special parts that require ship-from-stock handling to minimize in-the-field
down-time. These parts range from small bearings and cams to intermittent drive systems.


We maintain service personnel to aid installation or offer trouble-shooting capabilities when necessary. 
Our service people bring several years of experience to the special machinery field. They are trained
on our assembly floor as well as the machine and fabrication areas to lend as much support
as possible when you need it.

Rebuilding Service 

F.N. Smith also can rebuild many types of sophisticated automated equipment. We can integrate computer controls to improve your machines operation.



A completely stocked Paint Booth and Glass Bead Blasting Area, as well as numerous hand-held sanders, grinders and polishers provide us the resources we need to be able to provide advanced finishing services to our customers.