Grain Processing

This includes several machines that are utilized to process raw grains into finished products. These include

Grain Huller

Grain Huller - Removes the husk from raw grains such as oats, sunflower, millet, and buckwheat. We provide our customers with the most advanced huller in the industry.

Steamer- Preconditions grain with steam.

Grain Cooler- Removes heat from grain products that builds up during processing.

The F.N. Smith huller is in production milling factories throughout the world. Hulling efficiencies that exceed 95% are not uncommon, with throughput that can exceed 2.5 tons per hour (oats). Grain breakage is minimal due to impeller balance adjustment and vibration dampening provided in the huller's 1300 pound floor weight. Many of our customers believe we provide the most advanced huller in the industry.

Oat Processing Equipment

Grain Huller Specifications:

  • 5HP 460V 3PH drive motor

  • Tool steel impeller with balance adjustment

  • Variable frequency drive

  • Rubber, or abrasive impact ring

  • Life lid assist for easy maintenance

  • Stock parts and service through F.N. Smith