Engineering Support

Whether developing a new manufacturing process or improving an established one, our engineering group works with you. As the customer, you are the ultimate expert in handling your specific manufacturing parameters and at F.N. Smith, we will assist you in getting your ideas, combined with ours, to make for viable, productive solutions.

Our plant has over 40 years in the special machinery business, and by updating our experience with today's technology as with our AutoCAD and 2D/3D modeling capabilities, we can build business partnerships for the future.

3D Modeling and CAD/CAM Programming:

Intricate designs require an integrated 3D modeling capability with CAD/CAM programming. Your access to AutoCAD Inventor and Gibbs CAD/CAM software through F.N. Smith engineering,  allows you to see your  project virtually,  before  manufacturing actually begins. Gibbs Cam Software allows us to manufacture parts at greater efficiency and with more accuracy than ever before.  Your access to the latest engineering software and FNSC engineering skills assures that your project will be on time and on budget.